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sedation dentistryMake It Easy With Sedation! I.V. and Oral!

Q: Today's question. Dr. Bohle, A previous dentist has me terrified to get any dental work. Can sedation dentistry help me?

Dr. Bohle: Sedation dentistry can truly be the answer of your dreams. How would you like to have a dental appointment where your anxiety is removed, you are relaxed, years of needed dental work is completed and most important, you have little or no memory of the procedure? If this sounds like the way you want your dental work done, Bohle Family Dentistry is the answer to your problem. Our IV CERTIFIED dentists will help you Make It Easy With Sedation.

Below Kim dreams of a "Day At A Spa" while she receives her dental treatment in complete and total comfort. Sedation Dentistry is truly the way to have your dental work done. Find your beach, spa or ski slope while you get your smile improved!