1836 Broadway Street, Paducah, KY 42001

Ronald McDonald House

2144 Fairfax Avenue    Nashville, Tennessee  37212

Phone 615-343-4000    Fax 615-343-4004


House Wish List

Several of the families at Bohle Family Dentistry have needed the services of a Ronald McDonald House when a new baby has entered their life.  The House Charity is a pricelss gift to a family in a time of high stress and anxiety. Because of this our staff is supporting the House Charities by donating to their House Wish List.  Please review the list and select an item you can donate.  Drop the item off at the office, 1836 Broadway St., Paducah  KY 42001 and we will deliver the item for you.  We are also collecting "pull tabs" from your aluminum cans.

The staff is very excited about this project and hope you can participate with us. This is a wonderful charity and we thank-you for your support.