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Miranda came to Bohle Dental after being referred by a friend.  See her experience here.

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Patricia says the office is "a well oiled machine" and helped her with her dental phobia.

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I have gone for years with bad teeth and would go through the usual action of just having 1-2 pulled every year.  Sedation is the way to go.  I would recommend this to anyone even though several teeth were pullled.  I feel better and less discomfort.-JT

Going to Dr. Bohle and his staff was one of the best experiences I have had in my lifetime.  I was always so scared I hadn't gone in 20 years.  With Dr. Bohle and his staff, I would go every week if I needed.  I now will have a beautiful smile one again.  Thank you all very much.--P.M.

This was the most relaxed dental appointment I have ever been through.

That was the easiest dental appointment ever!  I remember walking in the front door and then boom, I was home.  Sedation is great!

Everyone was very informative about the procedure and what to expect.  The sedation was great.  I didn't feel anything.  I'm amazed at the quickness of recovery.  It's only six hours and I'm ready to eat.  Thanks.

The overall experience was wonderful!  They even played Boh Seger for me.

I am 63 years old and due to a bad experience with a dentist when I was in the the 2nd grade, I had not been to a dentist. I am glad to have had everyone with me at Dr. Bohle's.  He has taken away my bad experience and I will never be afraid to go there again.

I just had a cleaning and it was amazing.  Thanks Chasidy for my best cleaning ever!  I don't even want to eat anything and mess up this great feeling.

I was amazed how easy and relaxing it was to be sedated.  I was not nervous at all.  I definately will continue to do sedation.  All of the staff were very gentle and friendly.

I love sedation dentistry..  I have a fear of a dental office and now I can have it all done with practically no memory of it.  It is wonderful.  The staff were all very nice to me.  Thank you Dr. Bohle!

I don't think it would be possible to have a better dental experience.  Sedation dentistry is the way to go.  Thanks Dr. Mahan for giving me my smile back.  You were tremendous!

I hate needles and especially IV needles.  I was scared I would still feel things once sedated, but everything went better than I could have imagined.  Once I had all the meds on board I felt nothing.  It was altogether a great experience for what I was expecting to be a horrible experience.  The doctors and staff were great and took suberb care of me!  I wouldn't go anywhere else for my dental treatment.

Yes, I would absolutely refer friends and family to Bohle Family Dentistry.  I had not been to the dentist is 3 yrs and had not taken care of my teeth as I should have but the staff at Bohle didn't make me feel bad about myself for not doing as I should.  They make me feel so much better and just simle wanted to help me get my smile back and a healthier mouth.  Thank You So Much!

I was scared to death.  I never had any teeth pulled before but sedation dentistry took all my worries away.  I wan't scared at all and it didn't hurt, not one time.

From start to finish, my sedation experience was painless and quick.

Dr. Newby and the nurse kept me very comfortable.  I remember getting my IV then waking up on my couch at home.  It was great.

This was absolutely hands down the best dental experience I have ever experienced.  Everyone was so nice and it was the most gentle appointment I ever had.  Thanks.--William

I don't think my  appointment could  have been better.  I am the biggest chicken  you have ever seen when it comes to dentists but my experience was totally fear free.  I look forward to coming back and getting more work done. --Holly

I regret not coming to this office sooner.  There is no reason somone shouldn't come here.--Amber

Thank you for a pleasant experience here.  Your staff is awesome and Dr. Sparks and Johnson are wonderful.  I always feel comfortable.--Ruth

I keep going back there because I never have any problems.--Bruce

The staff is the friendliest I have ever seen.  Everyone has a smile on their face and is happy to see you.--Evi

The staff at Dr. Bohle is unbelieveable in all aspects, my experience was awesome no pain what so ever.  They go above and beyond.  Dr. Johnson came in on his day off the other night and did my impressions when I was there for in house whitening.  He remembered I had that appintment out of all the people they see on a daily basis and asked if he could come down and get that taken cae of.  You don't find that just anywhere.  I would totally  recommend thier servieces to everyone.  Thanks for everything--Susan E. 

I wanted to tell you that it was my best visit ever.  The gals were so very professional and caring and the follow-up phone call to ask how I was today was a very nice touch.  I am smiling without my hand in front of my face today and feel great.  You've done a wonderful job of growing your practice without "outgrowing" the personal touch.--Marilyn W.

I was so scared but now that I have done this I know there wan't anything to be scared about.  The staff was so nice.  Thank you all.--A Sedation Patient.

Dr. Sparks and girls were so nice.  I was scared but they made me so comfortable.  I got my smile back and my teeth are beautiful!  Sedation is the way to go!  Thanks so much for my smile and beautiful teeth! -Deborah W.

I broke a tooth off over the weekend and they got me in right away and pulled it out.  I couldn't ask for better service.  -Mike C.

I have never seen a more friendly office.  Keep up the good work.  -Brian W.

I broke a tooth and you put a crown on it the same day.  I did't even know that was possible.  --Nancy J.

Every nurse and everyone there was very patient and kind.  Dr. Mahan is wonderful.  God Bless you all. --Wanda

Thank you for easing my fears.  Now, I love coming to Bohle Dental.--Barb.

My front tooth broke on a piece of bacon and I called the office.  That day my tooth was fixed and it looks better than it did before.  Thanks for the terrific service.--Jim P.

I had not gone to the dentist regularly.  I put it off for years.  Sedation was the answer.  The lady that was helping the Doctor was well trained and very, very good.  I was up and going the next day.  Tara-Sedation Patient

Dr. Mahan was excellent.  I do not remember anything at all.  I have anxiety attacks and get sick from the shots but the sedation was a great experience for me.  To have everything done all at once was another great thing.  The whole staff was very nice to me and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you all so much.-Sedation Patient

Wonderful. I love it here and i will never go anywhere else!!! Thanks guys :)

Hilary T.

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Going to the dentist has never been my favorite thing. In fact, it had been several years since I has seen a dentist. I decided to try a different dentist. I now can highly recommend Bohle Family dentistry. The experience was comfortable and unlike any I have had before.

Beth S.

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I have recommended your office to lots of people over the last 2 years. I have always felt comfortable there and with my anxiety the staff has always went the extra mile to make it as easy on me as possible. Dr Mahan and his staff have changed my life in the last 2 years. It feels so good to smile again :)

Holley S.

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It has been a while since I had been to the dentist and they made my comfortable right away. I highly recommend Bohle dentistry to everyone

Tim B.

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Sedation Dentistry is wonderful and the only way to go! I had three mini dental implants inserted and I never felt a thing. Dr. Bohle and his staff are great! They are friendly, helpful and very attentive. I will definitely recommend Bohle Family Dentistry. Thanks to all of you.

Ruth A.

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I was very satisfied with my overall experience. My anxiety and fear of dentistry was much diminished, from the pill to the appointment. Thanks for your professionalism from the first appointment until now. Although I did not wake up by the ocean as I though I would.

Charles W.

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The Bohle Dentistry is the best I havent been to a dentist in many years and was scared to death but they were awesome.


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My first visit was very welcoming and I would recommend this dentistry to anyone looking for a change. I have actually recommended it to one of our new co-workers that is searching for a dentist in this area.

Adam B.

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My overall visit for my first time in this office was a very enjoyable one I was not nervous and everyone was just so nice there. If I would have known going to the dentist was so easy I would have been there all along. Great place and glad to know I have found a dentist office with such a good staff.

Gina G

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The sedation part was just like a dream. You wake up and everything is done. Everyone from the beginning when I first come in to the end was kind and gentle and very concerned. Dr. Sparks was the best. I thank all of you. Great JOB!!


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