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A missing molar

A missing molar

The adjacent teeth prepared for a bridge

The teeth on each end of a missing space prepared for a bridge.

When you find yourself with a missing tooth, their are several options to replace it, one being a permanent bridge.  The other options are implants or a partial denture.

The procedure for having a fixed bridge made is essentially the same as having a crown except that teeth on each end of the missing space are used to support the bridge.  To replace one missing tooth requires a three tooth bridge. This is because the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth must be part of the bridge to provide support for the one being replaced.

Fixed bridges are typically made from porcelain with a metal sub-structure and require at least two appointments to complete. The first appointment is used to prepare and temporize the teeth. The second appointment is the delivery appointment to adjust and cement the fixed bridge in place. Occasionally a third appointment is needed if the span of the bridge is long and the supporting framework for the bridge needs to be tried in before the porcelain is applied to the framework.

Even though all of the teeth of the bridge are physically connected, the final result makes it look like the teeth are individual and natural.  After you get a new bridge, we want it to look so good that you tell your friends that you go to the Best Dental Office In Paducah!

Please see our Crowns Gallery, which contains some examples of bridges, to see the types of treatment we can provide for you.

The bridge ready to be tried in

The bridge ready to be tried in

The final bridge cemented

The final bridge cemented

Implant Option

Implants are an option in some cases. There needs to be sufficient bone for this procedure. If there is not enough bone present, we may be able to add more through grafting. Please read our Implants page and visit our Implants Gallery for more information.

Implant placed for bridge

An implant may be an alternative to a fixed bridge in some cases. In the case above, one implant is placed. This means the adjacent teeth do not need to be part of the treatment plan.

Bridge tooth attached to implant

After the implant is placed and the bone around them is allowed to heal, a porcelain tooth is attached to the implant. This stays in the mouth and is only removable by a dental professional if maintenance is necessary.