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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
May 07, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Can I Fix My Teeth With Superglue?

Is Supeglue Ok To Fix My TeethThis is a common problem that we see all too often.  Someone broke a tooth or a denture tooth and instead of coming to see us to fix it, they put superglue on it to attempt to repair the problem.  This is a very dangerous thing to do because it is very difficult to get the tooth back into the exact correct position.  Once you have done this and it is glued and permanent it cannot be fixed correctly with out major work.  If you do that to a denture tooth and don't get it to the correct position, then it is possible a totally new denture will be needed.

Recently a gentleman came into the office who over the week end had a crown with a root canal post come out.  He superglued the tooth back in but did  not get the tooth all the way back down into the correct position.  When he closed his teeth together he only hit on the one tooth he had tried to fix.  Obviously, he was uncomfortable and not able to  properly eat.  When I told him  that what he did was permanent, he was upset.  He could not undertand why I just couldn't remove the crown and post and put it in again.  Now he had just superglued the tooth in.  I don't have a way to un-superglue a tooth.  I shortened the crown so he wasn't hitting on it funny and told him he was going to lose that tooth.  He didn't believe me.  A couple months later the root fratured and the tooth was lost.  Don't do that to yourself!  Let a professional properly repair your tooth so you do not cause worse problems than you already have.

Believe it or not, superglue is not tooth friendlly to a live tooth and its dentin tubules.  When you force the glue down the open tubules of a tooth fracture good things are not going to happen.  First the tooth just plain doesn't like that because it is not a friendly material.  Second, many time glues set with an exothermic reaction, or with heat.  Your dentin tubules really don't like that and will most like die from the abuse.  A root canal or extraction my be needed after that.

So do youself a favor and let the dental professional do your tooth repair.  Refrain from the DIY and the more problems it will cause.

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