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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
December 08, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: oral hygiene   flossing   smile   brushing  

See How To Floss In 5 Easy Steps

Floss In 5 Easy Steps!Delta Dental provides a simple graphic to help remind you how to floss.  I now think of flossing like wearing a seat belf in the car.  If I don't floss everyday then things just don't feel right.

Think of how beneficial flossing can be.  If you finish dinner at 7:00 PM and go and floss your teeth, how long will it be before you eat anything for breakfast.  Your gums have that entire time to be healthy and heal if needed.  If you leave debris between your teeth it sits and irritates your gums.  It is not a good situation at all.

So do yourself the big favor you know you need to do.  Floss daily for a better and healthier mouth.  You are on your way to a better and healthier smile!

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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
September 24, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Tooth Brushing   smile   tooth paste  

Molar Man has some superhero tips for you.

Super Hero Molar Man Has Some TipsThat is right gang, Superhero Molarman has some tips about the best way to brush your teeth.  Pick a good toothbrush, good toothpaste and brush regularly.  Also, cut down on the sugary snacks and soda and replace with fruits, vegatables and more healthy water.

Most importantly - don't forget to smile.

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Graphic by Pinterest and Orthodonist Anchorage.

By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
August 20, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Your Smile Is Powerful!

The Power Of Smiling
























































































































Graphic by Portman Healthcare

Your smile is very powerful.  See all the ways it can influence your life.  Who would of thought that improving your smile might get you that promotion you want or land that big date you have been dreaming of.  Find out all the ways Bohle Family Dentistry can improve you smile and maybe your life, click here.  If you are interested in making an appointment to find out all your options, click here.  Please visit our Google+ and YouTube pages.  #paducahkydentist

By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
May 05, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dental health   smile   teth and Gum  

How To Have Beautiful Teeth & Gums

  1. Beautiful teeth & gumsFloss First - It is far more effective in cleaning your mouth if you will floss first and then brush.  Flossing first removes the debris between your teeth then brushing cleans up the rest.  It is key to hold your brush at a 45 degree angle to the gum line.
  2. Careful With The Toothpicks - Toothpicks are a good way to get material out of between your teeth but be careful.  Pressing too hard with the picks can damage the gums and tooth supporting structures.  Also, you don't want to fracture the tip of the toothpick off under your gumline.  Flossing is a better choice.
  3. Replace Your Toothbrush - Your tooth brush can just plain get worn out.  Look at the bristles and if they are flat or bent, replace your brush.  Also change your brush after any illness or cold so those germs are gone.
  4. Eat More Cheese - In cheese are whey protein and casein that increase the pH of your saliva.  So after a meal have a piece a cheese and the chances of getting cavities is reduced.  It also has healthy calcium and vitamin D.
  5. Brush With A Baking Soda Product - Just as baking soda can help clean a stained sweater, it can help clean your teeth.  There are several baking soda tooth pastes that help clean and whiten.  Drinking dark liquids can stain your teeth so watch out for red wine, tea and coffee.  Blueberries can also be a staining cause.
  6. Try To Control Your Acid Reflux - Having acid reflux can be very uncomfortable.  If you have it then you know what foods bother you.  Typically, fried fattty foods, spicy food, citrus fruits, and high acid foods like coffee or alcoho can cause problems.  Acid from your stomach that makes it to your mouth is destructive to the teeth.  Do your best to keep that from happening.
  7. Clean Your Tongue - When you brush your teeth, also brush your tongue.  It is a great way to reduce bad breath.  You can scrape your tongue to reduce the bacteria in your mouth.  Commercial tongue scrapers are available.  This is a great way to freshen you breath especially if you are a smoker.
  8. Don't Have A Dry Mouth - Saliva is what helps keep you teeth, gums, tongue and mouth healthy.  Many medications cause dry out your mouth and cause problems.  To help keep your salivary level correct, don't be dehydrated and use an artificial saliva product.  Several are available.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
January 26, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Your Smile Is Your First Impression!

First Impression - Your Smile!According to a new survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, close to 50% of Americans believe that a smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone.  It is more important that the first thing they say.

Think about that.  Someone who has a pretty smile and uses it will make a better first impression than someone who does not smile but says something nice.  Why is that?  Another recent study found some interesting results.  Two different groups of people  were shown pictures of the same person, one smiling and one not smiling and asked to decribe the person in the photo.  The pictures of the people smiling were rated as more friendly, having more leadership skills, and being more attractive than the same person who did not smile.

Ask yourself this question.  Two people you do not know walk into a room.  One of them is smiling and one of them is not smiling.  Which one would you want to meet first?  Of course the one you judge to be more friendly and attractive.  That is human nature.

The next time you have a job interview or are in a social situation where you will meet new people make sure you smile!  Your first impression will be much better that if you do not smile.

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