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Consider sedation dentistry for your comfort and relaxation!

Do you or someone you know have a fear of the dentist? Let’s be honest… For most people, they’d rather eat barbed wire or even run through a sedation dentistry to relax in comfortburning building than visit the dentist. Its OK guys- we get it. Whether you’ve had a traumatizing experience with your last dentist or just have major anxiety from the thought of going, we understand and can help you! Here at Bohle Family Dentistry, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible and that’s why we offer sedation dentistry. Sedation takes relaxation to a whole new level!  You will have your dentistry completed while you chill out and take it easy.  Most likely you will not remeber much if anything about the procedure.  A nervous person usually is not the best dental patient because the nervousness makes it impossible to help the dental staff.  With sedation you relax, the staff relaxes and better dentistry is the result.

A few days ago, a patient called the office wanting to schedule an appointment for long overdue dental work. Rebecca had avoided going to the dentist for years because of a bad experience with her previous dentist which led her to have extreme anxiety and fear. Rebecca was scheduled for a sedation consultation in our office where our assistants go over any questions she may have, prices, what to expect. We called  Rebecca  the day after her sedation appointment and she couldn’t have been more pleased with her experience! She remembered nohing from the visit and experienced no discomfort at all. Rebecca feels great knowing that there is a way to cope with anxiety and help get over her fear of the dentist.

If you can relate, we promise you are not alone!  Bohle Family Dentistry has helped thousands of people with anxiety with sedation dentistry.   For any questions or to learn more about sedation, visit our website or give us a call at 270-442-0256. We’d love to hear from you!

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Are dental fears keeping you from having a healthy mouth?
•Are you looking for a pain free, anxiety free experience?
•Are you afraid of going to the dentist?
•Does the thought of a dental injection frighten you?
•Has it been a long time since your last dental appointment due to dental anxiety?
•Do you have sensitive teeth and gums?
•Are you immune to traditional methods of numbing techniques?
•Do you have a limited time to complete your dental care?
•Do you have complex dental problems?
•Do you gag easily?
•Do you want to have the best dental experience possible?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then conscious sedation dentistry is for you!

Who Benefits from Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

•Anyone who has fear and anxiety about dental treatment of any kind.
•Anyone who has put off dental care for years because of dental anxieties.
•Anyone who wants to have all their dental care completed in one or two visits.
•Anyone who wants to be treated in a relaxed, caring and comfortable environment. 

Call Bohle Family Dentistry at 270-442-0256 or request an appointment.