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By contactus@bohledental.com
December 17, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Lip and Tongue Piercings Are Dentally Dangerous

Tongue Piercings=Dental Danger





It seems to have started in the 1990's, that tongue piercing became the hot new trend.  People of all ages got them but especially teens and 20's.  It is still popular today with about 14% of United States youth haveing some type of facial piercing.  Here is the bad news.  Even if you brush well and take good care of your mouth, this oral jewelry causes gum and bone loss.  That is not good.

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology states a 45% higher chance of gum irritation and bone support loss.  Tongue studs are far more destructive than a lip  piercing.  Of course there is much more tooth chipping with piercing that without.  I have personnally seen as many as 12 chipped teeth in one persons mouth that was caused by a tongue stud.

The European Journal of Pediatric Dentistry featured a case of a 15 year old girl who had a tongue stud.  Her extensive damages included chipped teeth, excessive bone loss resulting in loose and dead teeth.  The young girl knew it was her mouth jewelry causing her problems but she still refused to remove her stud.  That is certainly a high price for trying to look "cool".

If you have studs there are some things you can do to reduce the damage from them.  Of course first don't wear them but if you must at least use plastic of acrylic studs.  They are much kinder and cause less damage.  I less far less damage with the plastic.

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