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New Patients And Insurance

new patients and insuranceThese are two of the most commonly asked questions I get.  Are you taking new patients and what insurance do you accept.  Let us take these topics one at a time.

YES!  We are accepting new patients.  We will always be accepting new patients until we decide to not practice dentisry anymore.  There may be times when the waiting time is longer than others but we want to meet you and help you with any of your dental problems.  If you find out that the dentist you are seeing is not accepting new patients, beware.  It might be time lo go ahead and look for a new dentist.  That practice is slowing shutting down and will decrease its schedule and not be available for emergencies.  Go ahead and find someone you like and has hours convinient to you.  Bohle Family Dentistry has multiiple doctors on staff so our office is open Monday thru Saturday in case you need us.  Convinience rules the day and we do our best to be here.

new patients and insuranceInsurance is a completely different issue.  When I hear the question, what insurances do you take, it makes me chuckle.  I think you mean, do you take my insurance?  The last time I checked we had over 2500 different insurance plans in our database.  I don't think you want me to list all of those when you ask.  Yes, we accept all commercial dental insurances but the key question for you is whether we are in-network or not.  It will always cost you less to see an in-network provider.  There are many reasons we are in-network for some plans and not for others.  You might also find there are no area dentists that are in-network.  So, this is what we do for you.  Call us and tell us what dental plan you have and we will call the insurance company and find out your coverage.  Once your treatment is decided we will match your plan to the treatment and come up with our best estimate of what your plan will pay.  We do our best based on what the insurance tells us but are not always 100% correct.  This is usually because of the fine print they don't tell us about or the substitution of coverages.  Our insurance department works very hard to provide this service to you so that you may better budget your finances.  So the next time you have dental insurace questions, ask, "Do you accept my insurance?"

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
November 19, 2014
Category: Life Advice

Don't Let Your Insurance Benefits Be Lost!


It is the time of the year when our phones start to ring and people we have not seen all year want an appointment.  When you call now we can dental insurancework those things out.  The hard part comes when someone calls us the last week of December and insists on getting in and all the needed work completed before the end of the year because their insurance benefits rollover.  This person will sadly waste their insurance for 2014.  The wise person who calls in November has a much greater chance of maximizing their benefit.  I apologize in advance to those people who call us late in December that we are not able to accomodate.  Know the person who called us in November is the one who already has their appointment leaving no room for you.

One really good and completely legal trick we do this time of year is this.  When you have a large treatment plan this trick works great.  Let's say you have a $1500 insurance benefit that rolls over on January 1.  We provide half of your needed care in November/December then the second half in January/February.  This allows us to give you a large amount of dental work in a short time and maximize your insurance benefit.  You will use $1500 the last of one year and $1500 the beginning of the next year.  Consider this strategy if you need a lot of work to do.dental insurance benefits

If you know you have needed dental work to be done go ahead and give us a call.  It will save you time and money and leave more of your insurance benefit available for anything needed in 2015.  Remember, the insurance company wins everytime you leave benefits on the table when you could of or needed to use them.  All that celebrating you see on New Years Eve is mostly the insurance industry saying, "We Won, We Won!"

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