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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
September 03, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Do You Need A Bridge Or An Implant?We get this question all the time, do I need a bridge or an implant.  The answer is, it depends.

When a person is missing a single tooth, the options to replace it usually come down to either a dental implant or a dental bridge.  Both options will solve the problem of a single missing tooth but which one to use depends mostly on the conditon of your mouth.  If you have a missing tooth and the teeth on each side of the missing one are in great shape with no immediate dental need then an implant is your best bet.  If the the teeth on either side of the missing one have large decay or older large fillings that mean the tooth will likely need a crown soon, then a dental bridge might be your best choice. 

It is really a financial decision.  If you are trying to save some money and the teeth will need a crown, then the bridge solves two problems.  It crowns the teeth that have an issue and it replaces the missing tooth.  The problem is that if the bridge gets a cavity under it, it means replacing it is a three tooth issue.  If you get a dental implant, it can't get a cavity under the crown, which is a great feature. 

You do have the option of getting an implant to replace the missing tooth and also get crowns on the sick teeth but it is more expensive.  Your dental health will dictate which options your choose.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
January 05, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental Implants or a Bridge?

dental implants or a bridge

If you are missing a tooth and want it replaced you might be a candidate to get a dental implant or a bridge.  There can be differences between the two and you should know in your situation if a dental implant or a bridge would be better for you.  See what are the positives and negatives of each procedure, how the treatments work, then compare the two to help you make your choice.

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