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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
March 15, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Meet Dr. Brent NewbyMeet Dr. Brent Newby

Dr. Brent Newby DDS is an associate dentist at Bohle Family Dentistry.  He is originally from Kansas and graduated from Kansas St..  He attended dental school at the Kansas City School of Dentistry, graduating in 2012.  He is continuing his studies at the University of Kentucky in the Albert Chandler Medical Center.  Dr. Newby works part-time at Bohle Family Dentistry mostly seeing patients on Saturdays.

Dr. Newby says about Bohle Family Dentistry, "I am very impresssed with the level of technology and skill in this practice.  I can very much provide a higher level of service to my patients.  Everyone here has been so welcoming."

Dr. Newby is a big fan of the Kansas City Royals but does cheer for UK except when they play his home school Kansas State.  He likes visiting Kentucky Lake and enjoys hunting.

Bohle Family Dentistry is proud to have Dr. Brent Newby as part of our staff.



By Dr. Charles Bohle
April 19, 2015

April is national oral cancer month.

April Is Oral Cancer MonthLook at these startling statistic from the United Kingdom concerning oral cancer.  This month in the United States is National Oral Cancer Month.  Do yourself a favor and look over this infographic.  It could save you face or your life.

If you are a heavy smoker, drinker of alcohol, have a poor diet or chew tobacco products then are in a high risk category.  The primary syptoms of oral cancer are mouth ulcers or patches and lumps or bumps.

It is important for yor to know that this is a potential life threatening disease and should be taked seriously.  See your dentist for an oral cancer screening.  It could very much save your life.

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Yes, Wine Tasters Are At Risk Of Tooth Decay!

wine harms your teeth

Calm down and take a breath.  I am not telling you to stop drinking your favorite adult beverage.  But I do want to tell you what a new study has found.  Researchers from the University of Adelaide, an Austrailian school has found that the acid in wine can cause damage to your teeth.  This is not going to happen to the person who has a glass of wine or two but it will affect those who are professional tasters.

The acid levels in wine are very similar to those found in orange juice.  No, I am not saying stop drinking orange juice but only giving you a reference. It is the acid in the wine that does the damage.

A professiona wine taster doesn't drink wine like you do.  They take a sample and hold it in their mouth to evaluate it.  They might do this dozens of times a day and it is the repeated exposure to the wine acids that cause the damage.  In fact, the study showed that just ten, one-minute wine tasting can change the tooth structure.  It softens the surface enamel making it more likely to get a cavity.  The acid can dissovle the enamel.  It doesn't happen at once but takes a prolonged period of exposure.  With a wine taster they may do this acid exposure day after day for a long time which eventuallys softens the tooth.  For a person who has a glass or two of wine with dinner, there are no worries.

So what does a wine taster do?  Luckily there are specific types of toothpaste that are strong in calcium phosphate and fluoride which remineralizes the tooth.  It essentially rehardens the tooth, reversing the damage done by the wine acids.

So don't worry, go ahead and pop the cork and enjoy your favorite grape.  Unless you hold wine in your mouth all day, you will be ok.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
March 03, 2015
Category: Oral Health

diabetes and dental health






Diabetes and Dental Health

Did  you know that your diabetes is related to your dental health?  Besides being a serious and potentially life shortening disease, you level of diabetic control can be seen in your mouth.  If you have soft and bleeding gums, frequent mouth  ulcers or fungal infections, or spoting or burning on your tongue, it could be sign that your diabetes is not well controlled.

The best way to keep your mouth healthy if you have diabetes is to keep your blood sugar under control.  If you do a good job with your daily cleaning and still have mouth syptoms then it is because of you poor blood sugar levels.  It is vital that you visit your physician regularly to get your A1C level monitored.  That gives a great indication of how well you have recently been doing in controlling your sugar.

Of course you must see your dentist regulary and ask to to look for any signs of poor diabetic control.  If you have are a person who normally has gum problems or infections, then having diabetes will make that much harder to control.  Also, smoking with diabetes  is a really bad combination for good oral health.

So do the things you know you should do.  Regular visits to you dentist and MD, monitor your blood sugar and do your a good job with your daily cleanings.

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One Appointment and Same Day Crowns Are For You!one appointment crowns

Do you have a tooth that needs a crown?  Here at Bohle Family Dentistry we offer one appointment crowns!
The good thing about same day crowns or one appointment crowns:

  • No messy or bad tasting impressions
  • You can get it all done in just one appointment!
  • No more temporary crowns!
  • Patients will only need to receive local anesthetic once!

Our same day crowns make it convenient for our patients that don’t live in town and have to drive over an hour to come to the dentist
for our patients that are on a very tight schedule and can’t always get off of work for multiple appointments
like myself, patients that just want to get as much done as they can in one visit.
If any of these pertain to you one appointment crowns are perfect for you!

At your same day crown appointment, the teeth that are being restored with the crown, will be prepped to fit a crown. A digital impression is taken of the tooth preparations using a hand-held scanner and entered into a computerized system. This then will be used for the doctor and staff to make a virtual model of the tooth or teeth needing treatment.  This involves choosing the appropriate color and shape for the crown. The design is then digitally transferred into our milling unit that will manufacture the crown. After the crown is finished it will then be inserted on your natural tooth that has already been prepared for the crown.  In one appointment you have your new beauty porcelain crown.  This can all happen at one visit!  Click here to learn more about One Appointment Crowns.

Now you’re probably asking yourself how do I get scheduled for a same day crown. If so, simply call or visit http://www.bohledental.com/appointment.html  to set up an initial visit, we will then go over all the information with you and at that point we can set up a time and day that works best for you!
Would you like to get your crown work done in one visit?
Call us at (270) 442-0256.

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