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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
May 28, 2015
Category: Oral Health

How Can Chocolate Be Good For Your Teeth?

chocolate is good for your teethOk, you have never heard me say this, I want you to eat chocolate!  Now before you go and gulp down a Snickers Bar, let us make sure you understand what I mean.  There have been multiple, recent international studies stating that the bean in chocolate can prevent cavities in animals.  This bean is called the cacao bean husk and its extract is what does the hard work for your preventing cavities.

This cacao bean is the main ingrediant in Dark Chocolate.  That is something completely different than the sugary milk chocolate you probably eat far more of and is in most candies.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that this cavity fighting action might even be stronger than the fluoride we put into the water.   Want to stop tooth decay, just eat some dark chocolate.  It is thought that 3-4 oz of dark chocolate a day could be enough to do the trick.  That would be nice wouldn't it?

It works by making the tooth enamel harder and so less likely to be affected by mouth acids and getting a cavity.  These have been animal trials and will take a few years to work through to human studies but the results are promising.  Maybe one day we will have chocolate flavored toothpaste and mouthrinses that will be good for you.  Too bad we can't add all the sugar that makes it taste super sweet but time will tell.

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New Patients And Insurance

new patients and insuranceThese are two of the most commonly asked questions I get.  Are you taking new patients and what insurance do you accept.  Let us take these topics one at a time.

YES!  We are accepting new patients.  We will always be accepting new patients until we decide to not practice dentisry anymore.  There may be times when the waiting time is longer than others but we want to meet you and help you with any of your dental problems.  If you find out that the dentist you are seeing is not accepting new patients, beware.  It might be time lo go ahead and look for a new dentist.  That practice is slowing shutting down and will decrease its schedule and not be available for emergencies.  Go ahead and find someone you like and has hours convinient to you.  Bohle Family Dentistry has multiiple doctors on staff so our office is open Monday thru Saturday in case you need us.  Convinience rules the day and we do our best to be here.

new patients and insuranceInsurance is a completely different issue.  When I hear the question, what insurances do you take, it makes me chuckle.  I think you mean, do you take my insurance?  The last time I checked we had over 2500 different insurance plans in our database.  I don't think you want me to list all of those when you ask.  Yes, we accept all commercial dental insurances but the key question for you is whether we are in-network or not.  It will always cost you less to see an in-network provider.  There are many reasons we are in-network for some plans and not for others.  You might also find there are no area dentists that are in-network.  So, this is what we do for you.  Call us and tell us what dental plan you have and we will call the insurance company and find out your coverage.  Once your treatment is decided we will match your plan to the treatment and come up with our best estimate of what your plan will pay.  We do our best based on what the insurance tells us but are not always 100% correct.  This is usually because of the fine print they don't tell us about or the substitution of coverages.  Our insurance department works very hard to provide this service to you so that you may better budget your finances.  So the next time you have dental insurace questions, ask, "Do you accept my insurance?"

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
March 17, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Dental Injections Make You - Comfortably Numb

comfortably numbBack in the days of the old west, when you needed a tooth pulled you went and visited the local blacksmith.  He would take some of his pliers that he used to remove horse shoes and use it on your mouth.  There was no anesthesia so the treatment was as bad as the problem.  Imagine getting an infected tooth pulled with out it being comfortably numb.  No wonder that people died of toothaches!

In today's dentistry, local anesthetics are vital to you having a comfortable experience.  They are a tremondously safe drug and work on virtually everyone.  It is not magic.  It works by blocking the pain stimulas from the nerve to the brain where the anesthesia was administered.  The signals are still sent to the brain by the site that is stimulated but they get blocked so the brain doesn't know that anything is happening.  This is a good thing for the patient and the dentist.  It means that you can get dental work down painlessly!

It is not an uncommon occurance to be told by someone that, "I am allergic to novacaine".  It is usually an older person who had a bad experience as a child with a local anesthetic.  Today's anesthetics are a completely different drug family from the old novacaine that some people had comfortably numbtrouble with.  If fact, you cannot even buy novacain anymore so you don't need wot worry about having a problem now if you had a problem before.  These drugs are tremondously safe.

There are times when someone receives an injection and does not get completely numb.  There are two main reasons for this.  First, the injection did not get enough of the anesthetic close to the nerve.  This can be fixed by giving more anesthetic.  In people who have trouble getting numb on the lower there are other concerns.  If the anatomy of your jaw is only a  little different than expected, you can miss the nerve because it is not where you think it should be.  These are the "hard to numb" people you here about.

A second reason would be if the area is inflammed.  Inflammed tissue doesn't allow the anesthetic to work properly or make it work a shorter time.  I will tell you that I have had patients who I could not get numb and they had no inflammation or anatomic problems.  I stopped the procedure and ask them back another day.  Guess what, at the next appointment there were no numbing problems.  Sometimes that is the way it goes.

So be glad you can get comfortably numb.  As we like to say, numb is our friend.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
March 12, 2015
Category: Oral Health

The following is an article written by Karleia Steiner on the webpage yoganonymous.com.   Click here to see the original article.

3 Ways Yoga Improves Dental Health



Most people already know that yoga is great for improving flexibility and balance. What many people do not know that they can improve their dental health just by practicing yoga.

3 Ways Yoga Improves Dental Health

Stress Relief

A stressful lifestyle may not only lead to depression, high blood pressure and anxiety, but it can also cause dental problems. Studies have shown that people who are stressed are more likely to neglect their dental care. Stressed-out people also have a tendency to grind their teeth. This can wear down the teeth.

Stress can also cause a condition called dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when there is not enough saliva produced in the mouth. Adequate saliva flow helps keep the mouth clean. Therefore, dry mouth can potentially lead to tooth decay.

Fortunately, yoga is effective for alleviating stress. It helps alleviate stress by calming the mind and promoting relaxation.

Improves Posture

Poor posture can affect just about every part of your body, including your mouth. When one's posture is poor, it can cause the lower jaw to move forward. It can even affect the alignment of the teeth and result in a condition called TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can result in dental problems, such as teeth grinding. It can also cause a person to have difficulty chewing and swallowing. Additionally, TMJ disorder can cause pain in the face and jaw.

Yoga can help improve posture. This can help take the strain off of the jaw and prevent TMJ disorder. A professional at Forest Lawn Dental Centre or other quality dental clinic may recommend that you perform yoga on a regular basis.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the way that the body naturally responds to a harmful stimulus. However, chronic inflammation can result in serious health problems. Bacteria in the mouth can cause gum inflammation. Chronic stress can worsen this gum inflammation. Yoga can help reduce inflammation. Researchers believe that yoga helps reduce inflammation in the body by alleviating stress.

A healthier mouth typically is not the first thing that comes to people's minds when they think about the benefits of doing yoga. However, yoga is very effective for alleviating stress, which can cause dental problems. It can also help prevent TMJ disorder by improving posture. Furthermore, yoga can help reduce inflammation, which is another problem that can affect oral health.
- See more at: http://yoganonymous.com/practice-for-the-teeth-3-ways-yoga-improves-dental-health#sthash.MA0yldWe.dpuf

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
February 16, 2015
Category: Life Advice

Can you recognize these celebrities without their teeth?recognize celebrity smile

I have written many times about the importance of your smile and what it says about you.  People generally and naturally judge new people that they meet who have a nice smile as more successful and friendlier than those who might not have a nice smile.  You have also seen articles posted about celebrities who have had their smile fixed and what they look like now.  Below is a link to a site that has changed celebrity smiles but not in a way you would think.  It hasn't improved or trashed the smile but more than that.  It has taken celebrity photos and removed the teeth.  It is shocking what they look like without their teeth.  They surely would not have become a star looking like that.

This is a stunning example of how important your smile is and how much it affects what you look like to the world around you.  If you want to change what people think about you in a positive way, Change Your Smile! and change it soon.  There is no mor effective way to change your looks and iimpress the people you meet.

Here is the link.  Check it out.

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