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By Dr. Charles Bohle
November 04, 2014
Category: Oral Health

Affordable Membership Plan

affordable membership plan Are you one in over 100,000 Americans without Dental Insurance?
Studies show that 77% of people without dental insurance delay dental work. Unfortunately, these people have to put off their dental needs because they can’t afford the steep out of pocket costs. You can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there is a dental health professional in your area that understands the difficulty and stress of living without dental insurance. Bohle Family Dentistry in Paducah, Kentucky is once again offering their annual affordable membership plan for patients just like you. This membership plan lasts for one whole year (starting the day you sign up) and works like most insurance would. The membership plan consists of:
•    Two Dental Cleanings a Year
•    Unlimited Oral Exams
•    Periodontal Evaluation
•    Oral Cancer Screening
•    Unlimited Digital X-rays
•    Fluoride Treatments
•    20% off any additional treatments such as fillings, extractions, crowns dentures, partials, sedation or whitening!
•    No Yearly Maximums! No Deductible! No Pre-Existing Exclusions!
There are numerous patients every day that call our office wanting to make an appointment for long overdue dental work, but have no insurance and aren’t sure if they can afford it. It is very rewarding knowing that we have an affordable option for them so they can finally start to take control of their dental needs and maintain a healthy mouth!
We truly care about the health and well-being of our patients and want to help you as much as possible. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our affordable membership plan, give us a call at 270-442-0256 or visit our website.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle
March 27, 2014
Category: FAQ's
Tags: Payment Plans   Financing  

One Frequently Asked Question by our patients is, "Do you offer a payment plan?"  At Bohle Family Dentistry, we want everyone to be able to afford whatever dental treatment they might need.  Because, everyone's financial situation is not the same, we try to offer several ways to be able to pay for your work.  Of course, all the traditional methods are available such as cash, personal check and multiple credit cards.  We also accept your insurace assignment and try as best as possible to find out in advance what your insurance company might cover and how much they might pay.  Certainly, this is always an estimate since trying to predict how an insurance company will act is always difficult. 

But what about those people who are unable to pay for the needed treatment in full as they receive it and don't even have insurance coverage.  For them it is harder to be able to afford what can be much needed treatment.  We offer CareCredit & Springstone Patient Financing payment plan options. We also work with a local Paducah company Heights Finance.  Using one of these companies will allow you to spread your payments out over a longer period of time, hopefully making it more affordable.  These companies typically offer a range of options for you to choose with different monthly payments depending on the length needed or interest rate.  Make sure you have a through understand of your contract before committing to a finance company.

Sometimes a patient will tell us they cannot afford their work.  It is important to look at all your options and to also know what the consequences of delaying treatment will be.  If a person needs a filling but delays that treatment, what might happen?  I promise you nothing good.  A cavity does not heal and always get larger and a larger cavity is more expensive than a smaller one.  Let's say you wait even longer, then that might get large enough that a filling will not fix it and it needs a crown or worse maybe a root canal.  Now you have turned a situation that might have been several hundred dollars and turned it into several thousand dollars.  Was that the best decision?  Not if you value your teeth and a healthly smile.

Do yourself a favor and get your needed dental work done as soon as possible.  You will not only then have better dental health but you will have saved yourself money and your bite, smile and looks.  Don't think just having all your teeth extracted is the simple way out.  The cost of all the extractions and the denture if spent when the problems were small would be much less and you have your teeth.

It is important to get your dental work completed.  It will save your teeth and your wallet.