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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
September 30, 2015
Category: Oral Health

What Are Some Of The Reasons Dentists Take X-rays

Reasons Why Dentists Take X-Rays X-Rays are one of the most vital diagnostic tools that a dentist has to find out what might be wrong with you.  Just think of what it can do.  It sees through your face, jaw and teeth to give us clues to what is happening there.  Unfortunately, it is also very much misunderstood.  It is not uncommon that someone will refuse an x-ray based on the thought that they don't want too much radiation.  While avoiding excess radiation is something we all should do, radiation from dental x-rays is so low that it is not a worry.  In fact, you get more radiation working in your garden, mowing the lawn or spending a day at the beach.  It would take thousands of dental x-rays to make any difference at all.

Something that everyone should know is this.  Before any diagnosis can be done or any treatment received an x-ray must be taken.  I will have a patient say their tooth is really loose and ask that we go ahead and take it out without an x-ray.  The thought is to save money.  Legally that cannot be done.  The dentist must document the condition of a tooth before any treatment is received in case there is a problem afterward.  That way it the diagnosis can be confirmed by a records review and know that the proper treatment was performed.  Also, you never know when there is a massive growth or cyst at the end of a tooth or if the roots do something unusual.  You really want to know if that is there.  I have seen cases of cancer in the jaw missed because the proper x-ray was not taken.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
April 21, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Do I Really Have To Wear My Retainers Forever?

how long should I wear my retainerPatients go thru a significant investment of time and money to get orthodontic treatment and have their teeth straightened.  It is a great day when finally the treatment of completed and they get their brackets off or don't have to wear the Invisalign aligners 24 hours a day.  Impressions are made and some type of retainers are made for the patient to wear to help keep the teeth in place and straight.

The patient is told to wear the retainers faithfully every single night or the teeth how long should I wear my retainers?could shift.  Then the question comes.  How long will I have to wear retainers at night?  Most people don't like the answer.  For as long as you want your teeth to be straight.  Your teeth have a memory and want to move back, even if only slightly to their previous position.  Also, the mouth is a dynamic place.  There are lots of large bone and strong muscles in play.  These forces are exerted on the teeth everyday.  Also time wants to move your teeth forward causing crowding.  The day your stop wearing your retainers is the day your teeth will begin to change, little by little.  Eventually your smile will not be the same as the day your braces came off.

So the answer is FOREVER!  You will need to protect your investment for as long as you can.  Really is wearing that at night a terrible thing to do?  I wear a bite guard everynight and don't feel right if I am not wearing it.  My advice is wear your retainers and keep those teeth in position for as long as you can.

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My Dentures Don't Fit Anymore

dentures don't fit

If have lost your teeth and now wear dentures, you understand that dentures don't really replace your teeth.  They are just a substitute for not having any teeth.  Even if your initial set or sets of detures fit well and you were able to use them, as time goes on you will have less and less support for your denture.  In fact, if you have had your denture for five years, it mostly likely does not fit like it did when you got it.  You attempt to compensate for this by using more and more dental adhesive.  Eventually even that doesn't help.

There is a simple explanation for this.  When you have your natural teeth a special type of bone in your jaw helps hold and support those teeth.  That is also the bone used by your denture for support and suction.  When you don't have your teeth anymore, your body realizes that the bone is not needed and it begins to slowly dissolve.  Over the years as that bone is lost, the support for your denture is also lost. So your denture has less and less support and fits more and more poorly.  Eventually there will be little to nothing to support your denture.

What can a person do?  Your best option when you lose your teeth is to put something back into the bone so it doesn't dissolve away.  The dentures don't fiteasy placement of a dental implant will preserve your natural bone so that you do not lose your support.  It will also keep your face looking more youthful.  The implant can also be used to support your denture keeping it stable and stopping the movement and floating so many people have problems with.  My  favorite proceedure is doing a Snap-In-Denture.  This is where 4 implants are put in and your denture is adjusted so that it snaps onto the implants.  This keeps the denture stable with no floating.  It could be the answer to all your problems.

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