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My Dentures Don't Fit Anymore

dentures don't fit

If have lost your teeth and now wear dentures, you understand that dentures don't really replace your teeth.  They are just a substitute for not having any teeth.  Even if your initial set or sets of detures fit well and you were able to use them, as time goes on you will have less and less support for your denture.  In fact, if you have had your denture for five years, it mostly likely does not fit like it did when you got it.  You attempt to compensate for this by using more and more dental adhesive.  Eventually even that doesn't help.

There is a simple explanation for this.  When you have your natural teeth a special type of bone in your jaw helps hold and support those teeth.  That is also the bone used by your denture for support and suction.  When you don't have your teeth anymore, your body realizes that the bone is not needed and it begins to slowly dissolve.  Over the years as that bone is lost, the support for your denture is also lost. So your denture has less and less support and fits more and more poorly.  Eventually there will be little to nothing to support your denture.

What can a person do?  Your best option when you lose your teeth is to put something back into the bone so it doesn't dissolve away.  The dentures don't fiteasy placement of a dental implant will preserve your natural bone so that you do not lose your support.  It will also keep your face looking more youthful.  The implant can also be used to support your denture keeping it stable and stopping the movement and floating so many people have problems with.  My  favorite proceedure is doing a Snap-In-Denture.  This is where 4 implants are put in and your denture is adjusted so that it snaps onto the implants.  This keeps the denture stable with no floating.  It could be the answer to all your problems.

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