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What is the cost of delaying dental care?The cost of delalying dental care

Delaying dental care will only cause at least two things to happen.  It will be more painful cost more money!

1 in 3 Americans delay dental care because of finances.  61% of workers with a lower income have no dental insurance.  20.5 million hours are missed from work with a dental problem and 51 million school hours are missed.  What do people do who have no money, no insurance and no dentist.  They go to the emergency room.  Most time the ER can only give you medications for your pain and not treat your problem so the nothing is really accomplished.  The toothache will continue.

So what can a person do?  Bohle Family Dentistry offers a membership program that may be the answer.  For only $189 a year you can receive all your preventive care.  It will provide two cleanings a year and all your needed x-rays and check-ups.  Plus, any other dental work you might need will be reduced in price by 20%.  Don't miss work or school again because of a dental problem.  Do  your self a favor and get your needed work done to save you money and most importantly that terrible toothache.

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