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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
March 14, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Your Mouth Tells A StoryYour Mouth Tells A Story

There are many things your dentist learns about you just by looking in your mouth.  It is not just cavites and plaque that we are looking for but also indications of your overall health.  Many diseases can show up in your mouth so gettting those regular checkups might even save your life.  Let's see what the dentist learns when you lean back and open wide.

  • The only time is floss is right before your dental appointment.-Yeah, that never works.  We can tell that a mile away.  Your mouth might be cleaner than if you didn't floss but your gums give you away.  They will still be unhealthy, red and bleeding if you have periodontal disease.  It is an obvious give away.  Don't think you are fooling anyone.
  • You are pregnant.-Roughly half the women who are pregnant develop some swollen gums from the hormonal changes in pregnancy.  It is not because of poor brushing.  It is a classic look.  In fact some even get a "pregnancy tumor" on the gums that will magically go away when the pregnany ends.
  • You were or may be a thumb sucker.-If you have permanent teeth in your mouth and suck your thumb it is likely that there are changes in your bite and face.  Many times these shifts are permanent changes.  It includes a front open bite or protruding teeth.  Once again your teeth give you away.
  • Chronic bad breath could indicate poor health.-If you have diabetes, gastric reflux, sinus problems, kidney or liver failure then the odor of your breath could tell  your dentist.  Your mouth is very much an indicator of your overall health.
  • Do you have bulimia?-This eating disorder leaves a distinct pattern of damage on your teeth.  When your dentist sees this type of damage it is a give away about your problem.
  • Sinus infections can feel like a toothache.-Many times a patient will complain about an upper toothache but the real cause of the pain is a sinus infection and not a bad tooth.  Your dentist can help find out which one it its.
  • You have a vitamin deficiency.-This is where your tongue gives things away.  Changes on your tongue can indicate a change in your health.  Burning, redness or smoothness are the most common signs.  Fixing your diet may be the answer.
  • You love sugary type drinks.-Gatorade, Mountain Dew and all the energy drinks are very high in sugar content.  They also can give you a certain type of dental cavity that tells the dentist you have a high sugar intake.  This can be very destructive to your teeth.

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