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Smile Protection Membership Plan

The smile tprotection membership plan can make a differenceView the video for:  The Smile Protection Membership Plan

We see patients every week who do not have insurance but need dental treatment.  It could be that they need extractions, dental implants, dentures or cosmetic dentistry but they have trouble affording the dental care.  What can they do?  Take a look at the Bohle Family Dentistry Smile Protection Membership Plan.

For a single payment you get two included cleanings in a year, all your needed x-rays plus a 20% discount on any needed dental work.  So if you need a couple implants, or a new crown or two maybe even a new denture, you can save money using the Smile Protection Membership Plan.

There are certain qualifications the first being you cannot have any type of dental insurance and it cannot be combined with any other offer.  It is cleary explalned on the website.

Make a difference with your smile and get your needed work done before it causes a toothache.  The Smile Protection Membership Can Make A Difference.

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