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By contactus@bohledental.com
August 09, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Don't Be Nervous About Getting Your Dental Implants.

dental implantThese days it is easy to get a dental implant!  It is so easy in fact that many people take no pain medicine afterward their surgery.  Don't worry, we will give you something in case you might need it but time and time again people tell us they did not need anything or just some Tylenol.  Of course, if you are nervous about it, you can really make it easy using IV sedation.

Here are three reasons dental implant surgery has gotton so easy:

  1.   The procedure is first done on the computer.  So everything is planned out.  You will get a CT scan at your planning appointment and the doctor finds the best place to put your implant.  The guess work has been taken out for where the implant should go.  That way you get a much more accurate placement.
  2. You really only need a local anesthetic.  Yes, people do receive sedation for dental implants but it is needed to help them with their dental anxieties not because the surgery is difficult.  A simple local is all that is needed and you will be numb for your treatment.
  3. There is not alot a pain involved.  One big reason for this is the implant can now go straight thru a small opening in the gum.  In the old days it was needed to have a large section of gum traumatized, but not anymore.  This is a wonder for the patient as the amount of discomfort is very low.  I would recommend that you take some Tylenol and see how you do.

So if you have been considering getting dental implants but was worried about how hard it might be, now you know.  The lastest techniques have made the prodecure really easy.  Click on dental implants to learn more or call 270-442-0256.  Or you can click get an appointment.