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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
September 30, 2015
Category: Oral Health

What Are Some Of The Reasons Dentists Take X-rays

Reasons Why Dentists Take X-Rays X-Rays are one of the most vital diagnostic tools that a dentist has to find out what might be wrong with you.  Just think of what it can do.  It sees through your face, jaw and teeth to give us clues to what is happening there.  Unfortunately, it is also very much misunderstood.  It is not uncommon that someone will refuse an x-ray based on the thought that they don't want too much radiation.  While avoiding excess radiation is something we all should do, radiation from dental x-rays is so low that it is not a worry.  In fact, you get more radiation working in your garden, mowing the lawn or spending a day at the beach.  It would take thousands of dental x-rays to make any difference at all.

Something that everyone should know is this.  Before any diagnosis can be done or any treatment received an x-ray must be taken.  I will have a patient say their tooth is really loose and ask that we go ahead and take it out without an x-ray.  The thought is to save money.  Legally that cannot be done.  The dentist must document the condition of a tooth before any treatment is received in case there is a problem afterward.  That way it the diagnosis can be confirmed by a records review and know that the proper treatment was performed.  Also, you never know when there is a massive growth or cyst at the end of a tooth or if the roots do something unusual.  You really want to know if that is there.  I have seen cases of cancer in the jaw missed because the proper x-ray was not taken.

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