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By Dr. Charles Bohle
July 29, 2014
Category: Oral Health

video testimonials   Patient Video Testimonials

During the last couple of months, the office has started doing one of the most fun things.  We are doing in-house, low tech, patient video testimonials of some of our patients.  These are real patients, not actors and they talk about our practice in their own words.  We ask some questions to get them started then let them tell their own story.  We never get tired of hearing about our patient experience.  It lets us know where we are good and where we can improve.  It helps us get better.

Asking people what they liked and what they didn't gives them a mechanism for positive feedback.  If the person answering the phone was friendly, then they tell us.  If they were not friendly, they tell us that also.  You never know what small act made the most impression.  A simple act of compassion or kindness to someone who is stressed, many times goes a long way.

You are probably asking yourself what we hear the most.  Time after time we hear just how friendly our staff is and how personal the experience was.  That is great to hear.  If you get asked or want to do a video testimonial, don't worry it is easy.  We sit down in a comfortable room and just chat.  A small video camera is already set up and captures the conversation.  We edit it down so you look as good as possible.

We are extremely thankful for the people who have done our video testimonials and look forward to making many more.  If you want to see some of them:  Video Testimonial