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One Appointment and Same Day Crowns Are For You!one appointment crowns

Do you have a tooth that needs a crown?  Here at Bohle Family Dentistry we offer one appointment crowns!
The good thing about same day crowns or one appointment crowns:

  • No messy or bad tasting impressions
  • You can get it all done in just one appointment!
  • No more temporary crowns!
  • Patients will only need to receive local anesthetic once!

Our same day crowns make it convenient for our patients that don’t live in town and have to drive over an hour to come to the dentist
for our patients that are on a very tight schedule and can’t always get off of work for multiple appointments
like myself, patients that just want to get as much done as they can in one visit.
If any of these pertain to you one appointment crowns are perfect for you!

At your same day crown appointment, the teeth that are being restored with the crown, will be prepped to fit a crown. A digital impression is taken of the tooth preparations using a hand-held scanner and entered into a computerized system. This then will be used for the doctor and staff to make a virtual model of the tooth or teeth needing treatment.  This involves choosing the appropriate color and shape for the crown. The design is then digitally transferred into our milling unit that will manufacture the crown. After the crown is finished it will then be inserted on your natural tooth that has already been prepared for the crown.  In one appointment you have your new beauty porcelain crown.  This can all happen at one visit!  Click here to learn more about One Appointment Crowns.

Now you’re probably asking yourself how do I get scheduled for a same day crown. If so, simply call or visit http://www.bohledental.com/appointment.html  to set up an initial visit, we will then go over all the information with you and at that point we can set up a time and day that works best for you!
Would you like to get your crown work done in one visit?
Call us at (270) 442-0256.

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