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By Dr. Charles Bohle
August 19, 2014
Category: Life Advice

Market House Theatre






On of the most fun things I do outside of the office is to volunteer at Paducah's Market House Theatre.  Over the years I have been a past president and long time board member but the real action is to be onstage.  Several years ago the Market House Theatre, Murder Mystery Troupe was started to perform special shows as fundraising events.  Typically a show is held in the main theatre for the general public but many  times a private business will rent us for a show.  We have done a lot of Christmas parties over the years.  We even go on the road to other venues as a "rent a show" to be a fundraiser for another organization.

Last weekend the murder mystery dinner theatre was WIN, LOSE OR DIE!  It was a really fun show for the sold out crowd because of all the audience participation that was involved.  Also, four audience members were brougt onstage as contestants for the show "Lyrical Pursuit".  For Saturday's show my daughter, Leah was "chosen" as one of the contestants.  She is a natural on stage and was fun to interact with her again under the lights.  I will say that she did get the best of our ad lib exchanges saying she wouldn't do anything that her father would not approve of.  The audience roared with laughter and I was left speechless.  The large amount of off script interaction with the contestants made the show so much fun for the crownd and actors alike.  No one really knew what was going to happen next.  It was the Market House Theatre at its best.  Everyone was having fun.

A tip of my cap to the talented cast listed above and a big welcome to the theatre to Chris Beal.  Chris played keyboards for us and did outstanding.  Chris please come back and do some more with us.

To my friend Audra Hall I say this.  Be careful what you hold inside.  Let those hopes and dreams out from deep inside where they can see the light of day.

Next time you see a Market House Theatre advertisement for a murder mystery theatre, go and have a fun time.  Maybe a local dentist will be in the show.