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By Dr. Charles Bohle
October 29, 2014
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Looking For An Affordable Paducah Dentist?

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans can’t find an affordable dentist?  That statitic includes people looking for an affordable dentist in the Paducah KY area.   According to PBS Frontline and Center for Public Integrity, 100 million Americans don’t go to the dentist for checkups and cleanings because of the cost.  In 2008, nearly 5 million children did not get regular checkups simply because their families could not afford the dentists in their area.

Here at Bohle Family Dentistry, in Paducah KY we strive to keep our patients’ teeth healthy as well as being an affordable dentist. We offer aaffordable dentistcouple of different payment options: CareCredit, Personal Finance, etc. With CareCredit, patients fill out the application here in the office or at home and get approved instantly! Personal Finance is a local company here in Lone Oak, KY. We have the patient fill out the application, then fax it over to them, and they will give us a response within an hour. We are also offering the Smile Protection Membership Plan for our patients who do not have insurance.  With the membership, patients will get 2 cleanings, unlimited x-rays and exams, as well as 20% off any procedure that needs to be done. These affordable memberships are yearly, so every year patients can keep signing up!

There is one story that I hold very dearly to my heart. This patient’s name was Lily. She was the sweetest kindest person anyone could ever meet.affordable paducah ky dentist She came up to the front to go over her treatment plan with me, when she started to get upset. It wasn’t the treatment, but the cost. Lily didn’t have insurance and she didn’t have a huge amount of income coming in.  Kelsey went over our affordable membership plan with her, as well as signing her up for CareCredit. She took the plan, and got approved for CareCredit! She was so happy that she had found an affordable dentist. Lily was so glad she took advantage of our services that we offer, and was able to afford it!

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