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By Dr. Charles Bohle
November 17, 2014
Category: Oral Health

Stress affects your oral health!

Whether you it be with work, school, or financially, stress is something that we know all too well. Too much stress can take a toll on many differentstress and oral healthparts of your body, but did you know that stress affects your oral health?

The potential impact on your oral health includes:

  • Eating a bad diet
  • Gum (periodontal) disease or worsening of existing periodontal disease
  • Bad habits such as chewing on pens, pencils, ice, or your nails
  • Not taking proper care of your teeth
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Mouth sores, such as canker or cold sores

Although your sources of stress may not be changed or prevented, you can prevent and treat these oral health problems if you know what to do.

Mouth Sores:

Canker sores are small ulcers with a white or grayish base bordered in red. Stress can increase your risk of getting them. If you get a canker stress and oral healthsore, it is important to begin treatment as soon as you notice the sore appearing and to avoid spicy and acidic foods that may cause irritation.

Teeth Grinding:

Stress can make you clench and grind your teeth– either during the day, at night, or subconsciously. Grinding your teeth can lead to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Your dentist may recommend you wear a night guard, worn in your sleep, or another device to minimize this action.

Poor Oral Hygiene:

Being under stress may affect your mood and cause you to skip brushing or flossing. If you don’t care for your teeth properly everyday, the risk of gum disease and cavities increases significantly. Also, stress can affect your diet. Most people tend to go for sweet and sodas, which can lead to tooth decay and other problems.

Gum Disease:

Even short term stress can mean more dental plaque. Long term stress can begin to cause bleeding gums and gingivitis which can lead to gum disease. Remember to keep a healthy diet, see your dentist regularly, and maintain good oral hygiene.

It is extremely important to visit your dentist regularly for routine checkups, especially if you are constantly under stress. Stress can increase the risk of oral health issues. Your dentist may be able to give you some helpful tips to prevent these issues before they become serious. Call Bohle Family Dentistry today at 270-442-0256 to schedule an appointmentor visit our website to learn more about our services and the importance of good oral hygiene.

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