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By Dr. Charles Bohle
October 20, 2014
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

How Your Smile Gives You Away!smile

When you first look at someone, your first impression of a person is greatly influenced by a smle.  Which person seems friendlier, happier and more confident, a person who is smiling or a person who is not smiling?   Do you want to get ahead in business, have a busier social life or find that someone special?  How much and what that smile looks like could be the key.  A smiling face send the message that you are someone worth meeting who is socially confident and smart.  When a new person walks into a room with a big smile on their face it sends immediately says, I am friendly.  This can influence all phases  of your life including, work, relationships and health.

A smile projects confidence and a positive attitude.  People who exude a positive energy are seen as more open and flexible instead of withdrawn and dark.  One study looked at women who were smiling in their college yearbook photos but 30 years later.  It found that those who had a genuie happy smile in the yearbook went on to happier lives and had a greater sense of well-being.

That same study group also had strangers look at the photos.  The smiling people were judged to be more positive and smarter than the non-smiling group.

If you are feeling low, just forcing yourself to smile can change your outook.  Smiling is such a positive action that you will feel better just by doing it.  Try it the next time you are sad or low.  Break out into a big smile and feel your outlook change.  Your brain reads the smle on your face as such a positive act, your emotions change and you feel happy.

Now imagine someone who never smiles because they feel like their teeth are bad.  Missing, chipped or discolored teeth greatly affect what your smile looks like.  If you don't like that smile, then you will smile significantly less.  Then you do not project all those positive messages and your are not as happy. 

A nice lady named Kathy came to my office and everytime she spoke she held her hand over her mouth.  I asked her why see did that and her answer was this.  "I never smile and I hide my teeth from everyone because they look so bad."  Her teeth and smile was affecting her entire life in a negative way.  We talked for awhile and found out what she did not like about her smile.  We came up with a plan and in a couple weeks had her fixed up.  At a later appointment we chatted again but now she did not hide her face with her hand and she had a big smile on her face.  When my dental assistant asked her how she was doing she replied, "I smile all the time now.  I don't stop smiling."

Kathy had her entire life changed.  Your changes may not be a dramatic as Kathy's but if you do not smile more because you don't like your teeth let us help you.  It might just change your life.  Call 270-442-0256 or click here for an appointment.  #PaducahKYDentist

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