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By Dr. Charles Bohle
July 31, 2014
Category: Oral Health

Disney like to call themselves the "Happiest Place On Earth".  Clearly coming to a dental office would never rate that review or claim to be that much fun.  We do offer something special.  We have been doing video testimonials of some of our patients.  Time after time they talk about how nice everyone is and how everyone seems to enjoy their job.  We do try to create a fun atmosphere.  Why work in a place where everyone is unhappy?happiest dental office

I am going to semi-steal Disney's line and call our office "Paducah's Happiest Dental Office!"   We want you to have a good experience and know you have been  treated well.  We know your visit has been a success when a person says everyone was so friendly.  Would you rather go to a place where the staff is sour and unwelcoming or Paducah's Happiest Dental Office?  That's what I thought.

happiest dental office

Ask yourself if your dental office is a happy place.  If not, come see us and find out why we are Paducah's Happiest Dental Office!  See the video testimonials from Paducah's Happiest Dental Office.