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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
December 08, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: oral hygiene   flossing   smile   brushing  

See How To Floss In 5 Easy Steps

Floss In 5 Easy Steps!Delta Dental provides a simple graphic to help remind you how to floss.  I now think of flossing like wearing a seat belf in the car.  If I don't floss everyday then things just don't feel right.

Think of how beneficial flossing can be.  If you finish dinner at 7:00 PM and go and floss your teeth, how long will it be before you eat anything for breakfast.  Your gums have that entire time to be healthy and heal if needed.  If you leave debris between your teeth it sits and irritates your gums.  It is not a good situation at all.

So do yourself the big favor you know you need to do.  Floss daily for a better and healthier mouth.  You are on your way to a better and healthier smile!

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