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By Dr. Charles Bohle
August 26, 2014
Category: Sedation Dentistry

DOCS Diplomate DOCS Diplomate Award

I was honored and prevledged  last weekend to attend a Doctors Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) meeting in Atlanta.  At these meetings sedation doctors from all across the US and Canada gather to further their education in the field of sedation.  I was there to take an advanced update course and to do a re-certification on my Advanced Cardia Life Support (ACLS).

These are always very stimulating meetings because of the high quality of the attendies.  The teaching staff tells us that sedation doctors are amoung the elite practioners because of the sacrifice it takes to be a licensed sedation dentist.  There is a significant investment of time and money.

Also for this meeting I was an instructor.  I was assigned to oversee the "live patient experience" portion of some training.  Begining doctors first watch videos to see how a patient reacts to sedation then they see a patient up-close and personal.  I sedated a nice lady and had group after group of doctors come thru to see how I did things.  Answering the questions always takes me back to my early sedation years when everything was new.  The doctors were surprised to learn that I had sedated over 1400 patients.  This year I have been faculty for the Univeristy of KY and DOCS.  I guess all that experience is paying off.

The highlight of the weekend was receiving the Diplomate Award from DOCS.  This is their highest award and is considered "rarified air" in the sedation community.  So few doctors have received the Diplomate Award because of what it takes to qualify.  You have to have a large number of sedations plus multiple published papers on sedation.  You submit your application and it is reviewed by the credentials committee for approval.  I guess I made it through.  I am very honored.

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