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By Dr. Charles Bohle
August 07, 2014
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Today I saw how badly a dental grill can damage your teeth.

dental grill

David came in today and wanted his old gold dental grill removed and his teeth fixed.  He said he had gotten the grill in high school because he thought it looked "cool" and to close the gaps between his teeth.  He was able to remove the grill and underneath was a disaster.  The four teeth the dental grill cover were completely decayed to the point of abscess.  It was determined that the dental grill had now caused him to loose all four front teeth.

Missy, my dental assistant, educated David about all of the choices he had with replacement but David was set on getting the bad teeth out and having dental implants.dental grillThis is an excellenet choice but will be expensive.  It was the only good option for something that would not come out of his mouth.

The front office worked with David about financing and the plan will start soon.  Tthe lesson here is that a dental grill might look "cool" but can cause permanent extensive damage to your smile and teeth.  Get good dentistry, not the cheapest.

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