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By Dr. Charles Bohle
March 17, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Dental Injections Make You - Comfortably Numb

comfortably numbBack in the days of the old west, when you needed a tooth pulled you went and visited the local blacksmith.  He would take some of his pliers that he used to remove horse shoes and use it on your mouth.  There was no anesthesia so the treatment was as bad as the problem.  Imagine getting an infected tooth pulled with out it being comfortably numb.  No wonder that people died of toothaches!

In today's dentistry, local anesthetics are vital to you having a comfortable experience.  They are a tremondously safe drug and work on virtually everyone.  It is not magic.  It works by blocking the pain stimulas from the nerve to the brain where the anesthesia was administered.  The signals are still sent to the brain by the site that is stimulated but they get blocked so the brain doesn't know that anything is happening.  This is a good thing for the patient and the dentist.  It means that you can get dental work down painlessly!

It is not an uncommon occurance to be told by someone that, "I am allergic to novacaine".  It is usually an older person who had a bad experience as a child with a local anesthetic.  Today's anesthetics are a completely different drug family from the old novacaine that some people had comfortably numbtrouble with.  If fact, you cannot even buy novacain anymore so you don't need wot worry about having a problem now if you had a problem before.  These drugs are tremondously safe.

There are times when someone receives an injection and does not get completely numb.  There are two main reasons for this.  First, the injection did not get enough of the anesthetic close to the nerve.  This can be fixed by giving more anesthetic.  In people who have trouble getting numb on the lower there are other concerns.  If the anatomy of your jaw is only a  little different than expected, you can miss the nerve because it is not where you think it should be.  These are the "hard to numb" people you here about.

A second reason would be if the area is inflammed.  Inflammed tissue doesn't allow the anesthetic to work properly or make it work a shorter time.  I will tell you that I have had patients who I could not get numb and they had no inflammation or anatomic problems.  I stopped the procedure and ask them back another day.  Guess what, at the next appointment there were no numbing problems.  Sometimes that is the way it goes.

So be glad you can get comfortably numb.  As we like to say, numb is our friend.

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