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By Dr. Charles Bohle
February 16, 2015
Category: Life Advice

Can you recognize these celebrities without their teeth?recognize celebrity smile

I have written many times about the importance of your smile and what it says about you.  People generally and naturally judge new people that they meet who have a nice smile as more successful and friendlier than those who might not have a nice smile.  You have also seen articles posted about celebrities who have had their smile fixed and what they look like now.  Below is a link to a site that has changed celebrity smiles but not in a way you would think.  It hasn't improved or trashed the smile but more than that.  It has taken celebrity photos and removed the teeth.  It is shocking what they look like without their teeth.  They surely would not have become a star looking like that.

This is a stunning example of how important your smile is and how much it affects what you look like to the world around you.  If you want to change what people think about you in a positive way, Change Your Smile! and change it soon.  There is no mor effective way to change your looks and iimpress the people you meet.

Here is the link.  Check it out.

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