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By Dr. Charles Bohle
December 01, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

Braces For Any Age!


It used to be that braces were only for kids.  Not anymore, braces are for persons of any age.  There are lots of reason adults should consider orthodontics but the primary reason they do is to look their best.

The Perfect Smile.  We have people who come into the office as adults and ask for a better smile.  They get up one morning and look in the mirror and don't like what they see.  Either a condition has worsened over time or they just do not want to put up with something any longer.  They want the straight teeth they have never had their entire life.  It can change your life.  People with straight teeth are rated in studies to have more athletic ability, higher popularity and better leadership scores.  That is what the first impression with a good smile can do.  Braces might be for you no matter your age.

Shifting teeth.  What is the same on your body now as compared to ten years age?  Almost everyone says the same thing, nothing.  Your teeth also fall into that category.  Teeth tend to move and shift some throughout your life.  You might have had a nice straight smile at 16 but at 46 you notice that things are different.  Orthodontics can help you with that.

Better oral health.  I think that everyone would agree that straight teeth are easier to brush and floss than rotated and overlapped teeth.  A better smile can give you better oral health.








What are the options?  Braces are not like they were years ago when someone wearing braces might be called "metal mouth".  Today's bracesbraces are hardly noticable.  Your can get ceramic or clear braces instead of the metal ones.  One of todays popular choices are Invisalign that uses a customized plastic aligner.  It moves your teeth a little bit then a new aligner is inserted that does the same thing.  Over the course of multiple aligners the teeth are straightened.  The really good news is that the Invisalign option is usually cheaper and can be done in our office.

No matter what option you choose to get your great smile something must be worn after your treatment to help hold the teeth in place.  Different type of retainers are available depending on what you had done.  Usually we ask our patients to wear their retainers only at nigth so you won't have to wear anything during the day.  With all these great options and some terrific financing available now is the time for anyone at any age to consider getting the smile they have always wanted.  If you have always wanted a better smile, do your self a favor and get the straight teeth smile you deserve.

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