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By Dr. Charles Bohle
January 29, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Are You Preventing Baby Preventing Baby Tooth Decay?


preventing baby tooth decayThere are simple steps you can take to help prevent baby tooth decay.  The most important one is to decrease the exposure to sugary drinks.  Many baby formulas, milk and fruit juice have high levels of refined sugars.  Obviously, babies needs these liquids, so what do you  do?

  • Avoid giving milk or juice at bedtime.  Water can be used instead.
  • Avoid overly sugary drinks and only give others during mealtimes.
  • Do not clean the pacifier with your mouth as this can transfer cavity causing bacteria to the baby.

Here are some tips for keeping your babies mouth clean.

  • Practice cleaning your babies mouth even before the first tooth erupts.  Get the baby used to being clean.
  • Clean your babies mouth with a moist soft cloth.
  • Once your baby is one year old, clean the babies teeth with a small headed tooth brush.  Allow your baby to play with the brush in their mouth but until they are able to be thorough, until then, you must help them clean their mouth.

Taking these simple steps with help prevent baby tooth decay.

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