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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Familly Dentisry
October 07, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Here are 5 reasons to wear a mouthguard!

5 Reasons To Wear A MouthguardI personallly wear a mouthguard everynight as a way of protecting my teeth from grinding and to give my jaw muscles a rest.  If you ever wake up with headaches, give a mouthguard a try.  I don't feel comfortable without it.

This infographic provided by DentAbout.com and Pintrest discuss ways a mouthguard helps protect you from sports injuries.

  1. 1. Helps reduce chance of concussion
  2. 2. Protects jaw joints against injury
  3. 3. Protects soft tissues from injury
  4. 4. Cushions teeth against impact
  5. 5. Helps prevent injuries to the jaws and neck

You should play no sport where a collsion is possible and not wear protection for your teeth.  I have repaired far too many mouths that have been injuried because no mouthguard was warn.  Please do yourself a favor and protect your teeth from harm.

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