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According to NFL football legend Jerry Rice, “Football can be brutal—injuries, including those to the face and mouth, are a common risk for any player.” And if anyone should know, it would be Jerry.

During an interview with Dear Doctor magazine, the retired NFL pro discussed his good fortune to have had just a few minor dental injuries during his pro playing days. He credits this success to the trainers and protective equipment professional football teams have to keep the players off the injured list. However, this was not the case during his earlier years in football. “There wasn't a lot of focus on protecting your teeth in high school,” he said. “You had to buy your own mouthguard.” He continued, “Things changed, though, when I went to college.”

Unfortunately, not much has changed since Jerry's high school days for young athletes. This is why we feel it is so important that parents and caregivers understand the risks and take proactive steps towards protecting the teeth, gums, bone and soft tissues of their children with a mouthguard. This is especially true for anyone — adults included — participating in high-contact sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey (field and ice), football, soccer, wrestling, martial arts, boxing and activities such as skateboarding, in-line skating and skydiving.

But all mouthguards are not the same. The best mouthguard, based upon evidence-based research, is one that is custom-designed and made by a dental professional, with the athlete's individual needs taken into account.

We make our custom mouthguards from precise and exact molds of your teeth, and we use resilient and tear-resistant materials. Once completed, it should be comfortable yet fit snugly so that you are able to talk and breathe easily with it in place. It should also be odorless, tasteless, not bulky and have excellent retention, fit and sufficient thickness in critical areas.

And while mouthguards may seem indestructible, they do require proper care. You should clean it before and after each use with a toothbrush and toothpaste, transport and store the mouthguard in a sturdy container that has vents, make sure not to leave it in the sun or in hot water and rinse it with cold, soapy water or mouthwash after each use. And last but not least, you should periodically check it for wear and tear so that you will know when replacement is needed.

To learn more about mouthguards, continue reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Athletic Mouthguards.” Or you can contact us today to schedule an appointment so that we can conduct a thorough examination and make molds of your teeth for your custom mouthguard. And if you want to read the entire feature article on Jerry Rice continue reading “Jerry Rice — An Unbelievable Rise To NFL Stardom.”

By Dr. Charles Bohle
August 26, 2014
Category: Sedation Dentistry

DOCS Diplomate DOCS Diplomate Award

I was honored and prevledged  last weekend to attend a Doctors Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) meeting in Atlanta.  At these meetings sedation doctors from all across the US and Canada gather to further their education in the field of sedation.  I was there to take an advanced update course and to do a re-certification on my Advanced Cardia Life Support (ACLS).

These are always very stimulating meetings because of the high quality of the attendies.  The teaching staff tells us that sedation doctors are amoung the elite practioners because of the sacrifice it takes to be a licensed sedation dentist.  There is a significant investment of time and money.

Also for this meeting I was an instructor.  I was assigned to oversee the "live patient experience" portion of some training.  Begining doctors first watch videos to see how a patient reacts to sedation then they see a patient up-close and personal.  I sedated a nice lady and had group after group of doctors come thru to see how I did things.  Answering the questions always takes me back to my early sedation years when everything was new.  The doctors were surprised to learn that I had sedated over 1400 patients.  This year I have been faculty for the Univeristy of KY and DOCS.  I guess all that experience is paying off.

The highlight of the weekend was receiving the Diplomate Award from DOCS.  This is their highest award and is considered "rarified air" in the sedation community.  So few doctors have received the Diplomate Award because of what it takes to qualify.  You have to have a large number of sedations plus multiple published papers on sedation.  You submit your application and it is reviewed by the credentials committee for approval.  I guess I made it through.  I am very honored.

Bohle Family Dentistry providing sedation dentistry has changed the dental world of countless people.  If you would like to learn more about sedation visit our website.


By Dr. Charles Bohle
August 19, 2014
Category: Life Advice

Market House Theatre






On of the most fun things I do outside of the office is to volunteer at Paducah's Market House Theatre.  Over the years I have been a past president and long time board member but the real action is to be onstage.  Several years ago the Market House Theatre, Murder Mystery Troupe was started to perform special shows as fundraising events.  Typically a show is held in the main theatre for the general public but many  times a private business will rent us for a show.  We have done a lot of Christmas parties over the years.  We even go on the road to other venues as a "rent a show" to be a fundraiser for another organization.

Last weekend the murder mystery dinner theatre was WIN, LOSE OR DIE!  It was a really fun show for the sold out crowd because of all the audience participation that was involved.  Also, four audience members were brougt onstage as contestants for the show "Lyrical Pursuit".  For Saturday's show my daughter, Leah was "chosen" as one of the contestants.  She is a natural on stage and was fun to interact with her again under the lights.  I will say that she did get the best of our ad lib exchanges saying she wouldn't do anything that her father would not approve of.  The audience roared with laughter and I was left speechless.  The large amount of off script interaction with the contestants made the show so much fun for the crownd and actors alike.  No one really knew what was going to happen next.  It was the Market House Theatre at its best.  Everyone was having fun.

A tip of my cap to the talented cast listed above and a big welcome to the theatre to Chris Beal.  Chris played keyboards for us and did outstanding.  Chris please come back and do some more with us.

To my friend Audra Hall I say this.  Be careful what you hold inside.  Let those hopes and dreams out from deep inside where they can see the light of day.

Next time you see a Market House Theatre advertisement for a murder mystery theatre, go and have a fun time.  Maybe a local dentist will be in the show.


By Dr. Charles Bohle
August 14, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: geographic tongue  

Picture this: You’re feeling some mild irritation in your mouth, which seems to be coming from the area near your tongue. You go to the mirror, open wide… and notice a series of red patches on the tongue’s surface, which are surrounded by whitish borders. Should you drop what you’re doing and rush to get medical help right away?

Sure, a visit to the dentist might be a good idea to rule out more serious problems — but first, sit down and relax for a moment. Chances are what you’re experiencing is an essentially harmless condition called “benign migratory glossitis,” which is also known by its common name — geographic tongue. While it may look unusual, geographic tongue isn’t a serious condition: It’s not cancerous or contagious, and it doesn’t generally lead to more severe health problems. However, it can make your tongue feel a bit more sensitive, and may occasionally lead to mild sensations of burning, stinging or numbness.

The appearance of reddish patches on the tongue results from the temporary loss of structures called papillae: tiny bumps which normally cover the tongue’s surface. These patches may appear or disappear over the course of days — or even hours — and sometimes appear to change their shape or location.

What causes geographic tongue? Several factors seem to be responsible for setting off the problem, but as of yet the actual cause of the disease is unknown. Among these triggers are emotional stress and psychological upsets, hormonal disturbances, and deficiencies in zinc or vitamin B. The condition, which affects between one and three percent of the population, is seen more frequently in non-smokers, in women, and in those with a family history of the problem. It is also associated with people who suffer from psoriasis, a common skin condition, and those who have a fissured (deeply grooved) tongue.

Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for geographic tongue — but the good news is that treatment is usually unnecessary. If you’re experiencing this condition, it may help if you avoid foods with high levels of acidity (like tomatoes and citrus fruits), as well as hot and spicy foods. Alcohol and other astringent substances (like some mouthwashes) may also aggravate it.

While geographic tongue isn’t a serious condition, it can cause worry and discomfort. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to come into the office and have it checked, just to make sure. A thorough examination can put your mind at ease, and rule out other conditions that may be more of a concern. We may be also able to help you manage this condition by prescribing anesthetic mouth rinses, antihistamines, or other treatments.

If you would like more information about geographic tongue, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Geographic Tongue.”

sedation dentistry

Are dental fears keeping you from having a healthy mouth?
•Are you looking for a pain free, anxiety free experience?
•Are you afraid of going to the dentist?
•Does the thought of a dental injection frighten you?
•Has it been a long time since your last dental appointment due to dental anxiety?
•Do you have sensitive teeth and gums?
•Are you immune to traditional methods of numbing techniques?
•Do you have a limited time to complete your dental care?
•Do you have complex dental problems?
•Do you gag easily?
•Do you want to have the best dental experience possible?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then conscious sedation dentistry is for you!

Who Benefits from Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

•Anyone who has fear and anxiety about dental treatment of any kind.
•Anyone who has put off dental care for years because of dental anxieties.
•Anyone who wants to have all their dental care completed in one or two visits.
•Anyone who wants to be treated in a relaxed, caring and comfortable environment. 

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