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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
September 26, 2016
Category: ooral health


What Are The Reasons You Are Tired, Fatigued and Sleepy.

You may feel tired and sleepy all the time even after a full nights rest.  Why is that?  There are many reasons a person does not rest sleepy and tiredproperly even if they are sleeping.  Let's take a look at some of the most common reasons.

  • Not Enought Sleep -  Even though you think you are sleeping enough, your body wants more sleep than you are willing to give it.  Average adults need 7-8 hours sleep, you could need more.  Make your sleep schedule a priority and increase your sleep  time
  • Sleep Apnea - This is when you think you are sleeping enought but your body is not resting because it is not getting enough oxygen.  You may need to have your sleep  evaluated to see if you have a breathing problem.
  • Not Eating Correctly - Eating the wrong foods and having bad nutrition keeps your blood sugar in a bad range.  You feel sluggish when your blood sugar drops.  Try to eat a more balanced diet and spread out your intake throughout the day.
  • Your are anemic - Anemia can cause many people, especially women to feel tired.  It is because your blood is not carrying enough oxygen to your tissues.  Improve your diet or take an iron supplement.
  • Are you depressed? - A primary effect of depression if fatigue and loss of appetite.  There are many medications your physcian can prescribe.
  • Hypothyroidism - This gland controls your metabolism.  When it is underactive you will feel sluggish and put on weight.  Again, see your doctor.
  • Diabetes - If you have unexplained tiredness that is all to often and is unexplained it could be diabetes.  Your body is not properly processing sugar.  The answer could be as simple as some lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.
  • Dehydration - Your body needs to be properlyl hydrated to function properly.  Chronic dehydration will cause fatique.  Increase your water intake by drinking water throughout the day.
  • Heart Disease - If you get tired doing everyday activities it could be a sign of heart disease.  You heart is no longer strong enough to keep up with you.  Certainly your doctor will offer choices as to how to improve that conditon and restore your energy.

This article is a review of a WebMD webpage.  It can be viewed here.

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By Dr. Charles Bohle & Bohle Family Dentistry
April 07, 2016
Category: ooral health

These Bad Habits Are Hard On Your Teeth
These habits are bad for your teeth

Do you have a bad habit that is hard on your teeth.  Let's discuss a few of the most common things we see that cause a problem with your smile and are unhealthy.

Tongue Piercings-It might be trendy and your friends think it is cool, but tongue and lip piercings can do serious damage to your teeth.  The most common issue is causing a fracture or broken teeth.  Usuallly this in permanent teeth so it is a serious issue.  If you must have a piercing at least use a plastic stud and not a  metal  one.  I would hate to see you lose a tooth for a fashion statement.

Chewing On Ice-At least it is sugar free but the habit of constant chewing or crunching on ice causes undo stress on your enamel and can lead to crazing or breakage.  Try chewing sugarless gum as a substitute.

Playing Sports With No Mouthguard-Wearing a small piece of plastic covering your teeth can be a lifesaver when it comes to your smile. No one plans on getting a tooth knocked out but it is all too common.  Hockey players are famous for it.  It is mandatory for football players to wear one and now you see more and more basketball and baseball players wearing a mouthguard.  It is certainly cheap insurance compared to the cost of replacing a tooth or repairing a broken one.

Bedtime Bottle For Babies-Bottles do not belong in the crib!  Do yourself a favor and don't let the habit start.  Milk, formula and juices all have some level of  sugar in them and having your baby hold that in their mouth is a path to decay.  This is one of the most unhealthy things we see and it is very sad to see a two year old with a mouth full of cavites.  You are not doing your baby any favors by putting them down with a bottle.  

Teeth Grinding-The formal name for this is burxism and it very much stresses not only your teeth but the gums, bone a jaw joint.  We recommend protecting your teeth by getting a boil and bite mouthguard.  This is an inexpensive fix.  There are more exact ways of dealing with this if the easy nightguard will not work.

Constant Use of Cough Drops or Candy-We see people who are trying to quit smoking have a piece of candy in their mouth at all times.  This can be very destructive if you do not use sugarless candy.  We also see a person with a cold use constant cough drops.  These are two sneaky ways you can harm yourself.  Anything you are doing for a long period of time needs to be sugarless.

Opening Things With Your Teeth-Your teeth are made for biting chewing and helping with speech.  Don't use them to cut fishing line and tear open packaging.  Scissors work much better anyway.  We see lots of front tooth fractures from using your teeth in an incorrect way.

Chewing On A Pencils And Pens-After everything else we have said about how to treatr your teeth this now is obvious but some people have this habit.  This also can be very destructive because of the long term stresses it involves.  Once again, try using sugarless gum as an alternative.

Smoking-There is nothing good about tobacco use and your health.  You mouth is no different.  Besides staining your teeth you run the risk of oral cancer on your mouth, lips and tongue.  This is certainly a habit you need to break.

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