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At Bohle Family Dentistry, you can expect to receive gentle, compassionate and relaxed dental care that you deserve from a dentist in Paducah, Kentucky ( KY ).  We strive to develop lifelong relationships by combining the latest dental technology with a professional, kind, highly trained staff.  We also believe that you should be highly informed to make educated decisions about your dental care.  The results give you an affordable, beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

The best way to have dental treatment is with sedation dentistry.  We have treated thousands of people with IV and Oral Sedation dentistry to help them get cleanings, porcelain crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures and partial dentures, dental implants, extractions and oral surgery including wisdom teeth, root canals, smile makeovers, cosmetic fillings and bonding, denture stabilization, tooth replacement, fix cavities and other dental needs.  To have the best possible treatment experience:   Make It Easy With Sedation!

This Paducah Dental office stays on the front edge of technology to bring you the latest advancements and procedures including Sedation, Invisalign braces and orthodontics, implant tooth replacement, dental implants, implant supported dentures, mini dental implants, Cone Beam CT, digital x-rays, CAD CAM one day porcelain crowns, the latest in tooth whitening and nitrous oxide.  All the Bohle Family Dentistry doctors study and research to continue their dental education by taking the newest classes on materials, using the best techniques and procedures.  You will have access to the newest and best dental care.

Another reason to use this office for your dental treatment is our friendliness.  We are known for having a fun and light-hearted atmosphere.  There is no reason to visit a practice were everyone is a grump and no-one smiles.  This staff will impress you with a welcoming smile and a positive attitude that will make you feel welcome the moment you walk into the door.

We realize that your time and schedule are very important to you so we strive to stay on time and on schedule so that you do too.  Who wants to spend the day in a waiting room?  We attempt to stay on time so that you can stay on time.

Bohle Family Dentistry wants to be your one stop dental practice so we offer a wide range of services with affordable pricing.  If you have a need of a dental service, then we want to be able to provide it for you without the need of going somewhere else.  That makes us the family dentistry office place to take care of your entire family.

You will find all of this important information on the website, including directions to our Paducah Dental office, service descriptions, patient forms, educational resources and more.  Not only are we a leading dentist in Paducah, we are a full-service dental practice providing for all of your needs.  We want your experience to be so good that you will tell your friends you go to the Best Dental Office In Paducah!  Some of our services include:

Should you ever need additional information about our practice, we are always available to answer your questions. Let us care for your entire family! We look forward to meeting you.


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